Our Values


We are well-known and respected for our standards and we are trusted to deliver.


We endeavour to respond to our customers’ needs, with the highest level of quality services, on time every time.


We make an effort to make serious business a pleasant experience.


We never shrink from a challenge and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to add value to customers, staff and shareholders alike.


  • Achieve annual sales and profit budgets at, or above, industry norms (and shareholder expectations) and monitor progress on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Analyse the regions and compare the spread of services offered in each region to ensure that acceptable returns on investment are maintained and that constant learning is achieved.
  • Maximise market share within the business sectors that Southey Mauritius operates in.
  • Grow the customer base and service offerings within all the areas of operation.
  • Manage and maintain the asset base to reduce the cost of maintenance and to offer customers best-of-fleet equipment.
  • Identify new processes and technologies to improve the expected value-add to our customers.
  • Ensure ongoing training of staff in all facets of the business to ensure that an exceptional customer interface occurs, thereby offering Southey Offshore leadership advantages in the market.
  • Constantly improve the quality of service delivery to customers in an effort to achieve ongoing repeat business.
  • Strive for zero incidents and zero harm to people and the environment through successful implementation of quality, health, safety and environment management systems.

Southey Mauritius Code of Ethics